Our theme for the 
2024 Stewardship Campaign
"Rooted in Abundance"

Wealth, Works & Wisdom

Rooted in Abundance – How Will I Answer the Call to Share My Gifts 
Greetings to all and welcome to this time of reflection, contemplation and thanksgiving – our annual stewardship campaign. This year our theme is Rooted in Abundance. Beginning this week, you will hear from parishioners about their hopes, goals and needs for ministry support for 2024 and beyond. Each of these spoken or written messages will highlight the abundance of God’s love at St. John’s and why they joyfully share their gifts to help spread the good news of God’s love and blessings throughout the community.
First, I want to thank each of you for your contributions of time, talent and treasure that benefit our faith community as well as the broader Naperville community. This week, you will receive a letter from Father Jonathan offering his hopes and goals for his ministry at St. John’s and in the community. Next week, you will receive a letter from the Stewardship Committee of the Vestry encouraging each person in our congregation to reflect on the abundant blessings God has provided in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We ask that you complete the commitment card (enclosed with the letter) and return as directed on the card.
We hope to receive your cards by Nov 26. We will wrap up the formal campaign on Dec 3. Of course, your 2024 commitments will be accepted at any time. We look forward to an exciting and successful stewardship campaign rooted in the abundance of God’s love for us. 
Randy Russell
Warden and Stewardship Committee member

Online Giving Options Available via this Link
Thank you!